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A robust, user-friendly, interactive, mobile-responsive, scalable, easy-to manage and sustainable 24/7 Virtual Job Fair connects ready-to-hire employers statewide with ready-to-work job-seekers anywhere in the world.

When its existing online portal began to run out of gas with its many constituencies, a state government labor and employment agency, recognized for innovative practices to support online learning and workforce development, sought a solution vendor with a long-term vision for the road ahead.

Source 360 architected and built a new Virtual Job Fair with all the benefits of a physical job fair - exhibitor booths, networking, recruiter-candidate interaction and presentations - but with substantial added value for all participants.

Employers enjoy a flexible, manageable online interface that broadens their reach to more, more qualified candidates from across the state or overseas. This includes active-duty military personnel seeking civilian employment as well as spouses and other family members soon to return stateside.

Job-seekers gain easy-to-navigate online resources to improve everything about their quest - resumes, education, access to meet and interaction with employers who are ready to hire. It's all available 24/7 - on any device - regardless of geographic location.

This makes the hiring process for participating businesses faster at a lower cost-per applicant. Job interviews, applications - and success - are convenient and hassle-free for job-seekers.

Perhaps the greatest gains accrue to the State.

The Source360 Virtual Job Fair solution helps fulfill today's mission and positions the state agency to scale, adapt and maintain technology readiness for future innovation and changing labor and employment conditions for years to come.

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