Source360 Integrative eForms Solution

Source360 Integrative eForms Solution

A highly customized Integrative e-Form solution speeds transaction cycles, cuts document management costs and assures the reliability and security of information required in document-driven business processes specific to the industry and business unit.

It's not like the maintenance and engineering crew of the world's largest airline has all day to get the maintenance history on a fully-enplaned jumbo- jet delayed at the gate due to mechanical issues. Even if the request were not critical, why pay to warehouse all this work history on paper when a few terabytes storage will more than suffice at far less expense?

To automate forms necessary to the proficiency and efficiency of its Maintenance & Engineering unit as well as the safety of its passengers, a U.S.-based airline partnered with its ECM provider, Adobe and Source360 to develop an integrative e-Form solution that harnesses the high-availability power of best-of-breed Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software with the on-demand performance of best-in-class AEM document and workflow platform.

With a bit of XML legerdemain, the Source360 custom integration connects the company's server infrastructure, database and existing document management systems to Adobe software that excels at supporting the capture and movement of data into form templates and enables files to be viewed by authorized personnel from any device anywhere and anytime.

This elegantly simple solution puts access to nearly a thousand mission-critical and routine business-process forms at the fingertips of some 25,000 airline employees connected to it from within the unit and across the enterprise. This improves cycle time, reduces and controls the data stream as well as provides a central repository for the latest information with better version control.

What was once a warehouse of paper is now a wealth of information that department managers and business analysts can use to transform M&E experience into best practices that improve mechanical safety, assure regulatory compliance and accelerate the return on investment in both ECM and Adobe technologies.

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