Why Source360?

State of the art is a journey, not a destination. The pace today is fast and furious. And everyone wants to go along for the ride.

At the end of 2009, 5% of the world's population owned smartphones. Four years later that figure jumped to 22%. Currently, 1.7 billion people are on social networks. Over the next three years, that audience will surpass 2.55 billion. By 2020, 5 billion people will enter the middle class and come online, while 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, creating a digital network of virtually everything.

It's difficult to foresee what tools you will need for technology-based projects and process improvement programs in the years ahead. Moreover, it's challenging to integrate today's innovation with yesterday's legacy systems - to protect your investment and keep the software working efficiently.

That's where we come in.

A Well-Travelled Partner

Strong Partners

Source 360 Group, Inc. is an Enterprise Software Solutions Consulting Firm well known nationwide for simple, intelligent, business-driven technology solutions that streamline workflow processes, improve productivity and maximize return on your technology investment. Since our founding, we have delivered successful business-process and technology solutions for clients in business, industry, government and education. Our overarching goal is to help customers develop - and maintain - a technology roadmap to get where you want to go and realize your plans regardless of the inevitable challenges that surface along the way.

A Road-Tested Approach

Developing enterprise software is like taking a trip over unfamiliar terrain for which no map yet exists. You know where you are to start and you know the outcome you intend. You have known knowns, known unknowns and what you'll learn as you go. Source360 takes an agile approach which means you don't need to predict every twist and turn. You have a driver who intelligently responds to the evolving situation. Here's how we work:

Gain Understanding

Typically, our software architecture and development services begin with understanding your goals and the needs of all stakeholders in your project. These meetings help to integrate needs and expectations early in the process. The outcome is the best product for the highest number of end users. Further, this discovery process lets our enterprise architects and engineers anticipate enhancements, maintenance, scalability and performance opportunities before anything moves forward.

Contribute Insight & Perspective

Our software solutions often encompass system integration and web enablement to allow your team the most efficient use of existing and broad, low-cost resources. Your team will gain valuable outside perspectives on building for now and for the future - particularly the future that you may not have considered yet.

Stay Agile & Flexible

Deep knowledge of best-of-breed technology and vast experience with customers across business and industry as well as vertical markets gives us the experience - and confidence - to help your team bypass known trouble spots, make timely decisions to improve quality or reduce costs and capitalize on opportunities for excellence that emerge. Flexible resources adapt to mesh or co-exist with your inhouse or offshore resources whether we are converting paper forms to electronic or developing enterprise-wide systems end to end.

Provide Ongoing Support

Because every organization is pedal to the metal - and technology infrastructure must support and sustain the hectic pace - Source360 provides ongoing services to transfer knowledge to developers and end users, support in-house resources and keep your technology systems operating at their peak with a minimum of tinkering under the hood.

Managing Partners

The managing partners of Source360 brings deep expertise and a wealth of experience delivering successful business-driven technology solutions to customers across business and industry and deep in vertical markets.

Charles Rich - CEO/President

Charles Rich

President & CEO
Richard Davis - Chief Architect & CTO

Richard Davis

Chief Architect & CTO

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