Source360 Automated Forms & Workflow Solution

Source360 Automated Forms & Workflow Solution

The Source360 Enterprise Document and Forms Platform broadens user access and boosts employee productivity with a modular, integrated, dynamic, digital reporting system accessible from any device - in the office or on the go - from anywhere in the world.

When your Enterprise processes documents and forms for over 45,000 employees and more than 75,000 contractors worldwide, mistakes, delays or incomplete data in even the most routine forms can quickly add up to big drains to shareholder value.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms (LiveCycle ES4) platform helps to capture and process information and data, deliver personalized communications and protect and track sensitive information. Accessible via desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, it broadens service access while increasing productivity.

Using the Source360 solution framework provides a reliable, easy-to-use personalized and interactive business process involving human-oriented tasks. This allows for quick execution of business processes such as Capital Expenditure Requests, Employee Performance Reviews, Employee Payroll management, Expense Reports, Travel Authorizations and many more.

The framework also includes reporting and human resource load management by enabling users to view reports on the status of processes and enabling managers to shift workloads among participants.

A seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint permits storing of final documents for archival and reporting. Extending Microsoft's ability to store additional meta-data allows easier access to data that is related to business processes managed in the Source360 solution.

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