Source360 Mobile Workforce Solution

Source360 Mobile Workforce Solution

A ground-breaking Source360 Mobile Workforce Solution enables field inspection agents to gather data and report job progress offline, online, anywhere, anytime & by virtually any means - at a substantial cost-savings to the firm's clients.

When a multi-national engineering company in the construction industry required a way to provide streamlined project workflows, real-time verification of regulatory and design requirements and field processing with limited or no Internet connection - Source360 responded with smart technology .

The Source360 Mobile Workforce Solution was developed to customize easily and deploy rapidly to meet the unique field inspection forms, workflows and project requirements of each client.

Key components are its ability to collect information online or offline, mine large volumes of data in near-real-time and provide flexible, advanced reporting. Mobile GPS and Mobile Camera enable input by virtually any means - text, photography or geo-spatial locating.

The application supports the document revision process using push-technology to assure that the most current forms and documents are available in the field at all times. The compliance engine is an automated verification system that evaluates predefined engineering criteria, flags exceptions and routes the issue via a project defined workflow to back-office staff in order to classify and mitigate. A workflow tracking feature provides an open / close status tracking and commenting capabilities for audit, traceability and compliance reporting purposes.

Source360 transferred knowledge to the customer during the four-month development process; customization and future refinements are easily implemented in-house.

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