Source360 Law Enforcement Solution

Source360 Law Enforcement Solution

A user-friendly, state-of-the-art Automated Document and Workflow solution keeps law-enforcement offense reports and facility-incident information as well as juvenile referrals accurate, complete and immediately available from patrol car to administrative offices to supervisor desks to court.

Most police work is not all Starsky & Hutch. Instead, it's a daily routine reported and tracked by forms, forms, forms and more forms. This means that even processing the records of a medium-sized county law-enforcement agency demands giant-sized responsibility in document processing, workflow, storage and reporting.

When their existing paper forms and/or legacy system failed to meet the tall performance orders of the county sheriff's office, Adobe and Source360 customized an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solution that supports a virtually paperless workflow and connects end-users from the street to the court.

The Source360 Automated Document and Workflow solution gives hundreds of deputies, administrative clerks and supervisors secure role-based access to complete, submit, process and store all legally-required documents in full compliance with statutory and privacy regulations.

PDF-based smart forms or tablet-based HTML5 forms - available online and off - are easy to use for tech-friendly and tech-shy users alike.

Materials from a variety of formats - native Microsoft Word files, spreadsheets, traffic citations and other content - are easily attached to reports and converted to Adobe PDF. The resulting files can be managed individually or combined into a single Adobe PDF package to manage a case.

Eliminating officer and staff time spent copying and filing paperwork, alone, results in dramatic improvements in productivity, accuracy and efficiency. What's more, the ability to redact content enhances the department's ability to process information from the streets to the court while complying with privacy laws. It also enables supervisors to monitor and manage staffing. Best of all, taxpayers benefit from reduced costs, improved process and more accurate and secure data to manage law-enforcement cases.

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