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Business process and technology have become inseparable to the shape your enterprise takes and its ability to gain and sustain the traction essential to fulfill its mission - be it ROI or public service. Tremendous streams of real-time information pressure your organization to respond quickly to fast-changing situations. Change, disruption and even outright interference are normal. The lack of interoperability among existing systems can significantly increase complexity and costs. At the same time, the more connected and collaborative your stakeholders, the greater importance of security and data privacy.

Source360 helps customers to design, develop, optimize and quality-test an intelligent infrastructure that maximizes the potential gains from the interdependence of business process and technology innovation. The synthesis of both business strategy and IT expertise allows for a deeper penetration and understanding of a company’s critical risks and issues. In addition, it helps to identify them early in the process, determine the root cause(s) and offer meaningful, practical solutions.

Core Services

Because one size does not fit all, Source360 offers full end-to-end consulting, software development and support services that can be adapted and scaled to your requirements.


  • Architecture Consulting
  • Technology Strategy
  • Management Consulting
  • Digital Strategy

Organizations around the world increasingly look to integrate IT systems to eliminate redundancy and improve efficiency. Although point-to-point integration projects are sometimes necessary, putting a holistic integration strategy in place ensures that you are building a platform that can serve as a true foundation for future growth.

The Source360 system integration approach translates strategic and operational needs into tailored and reasonable technical requirements.

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  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Analytics/Business Optimization
  • System Integration
  • Application Development & Cloud Implementation
  • Web Development

Source360 implementation is business-driven and comprehensive. We analyze the findings from strategic planning and prioritize the gaps to be filled. Our overarching goal is to reduce risk, deliver higher-quality information and engineer adaptive solutions and technical services. We plan to harmonize required changes in business functions and processes, information and data provisioning, technology capabilities and application solutions.

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Solutions We Support

  • Automated Forms & Workflow
  • Business Process Management Automation
  • Omni-channel Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Workforce Applications
  • Legacy IT Modernization

Building and maintaining the technical foundation for business improvement depends on an effective, agile, incremental approach. The roadway on which your enterprise travels comes from continuous technical learning and fast feedback so that business and technical functionality grow synchronously over time.

With a team of representatives certified in best-of-breed software, Source360 Group provides the highest levels of support and service to address and meet your needs expediently and professionally. We are the forms experts and your go-to partners for cross-channel digital marketing, mobile workforce applications and legacy IT modernization.

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  • Application Hosting
  • Managed Services
  • Training Workshops
  • Quality Assurance
  • First-tier Support

Source360 first-tier support plans for Adobe LiveCycle ES provide the technical and operational expertise to help you plan, implement, deploy and maintain applications as your solution evolves. We supplement your in-house IT staff with world-class engineers already familiar with your eco-system and technology infrastructure. Our first-tier support plans give you phone, web and e-mail access to senior-level technical support consultants who draw on a wealth of experience to identify and resolve a system problem rather than simply "fix a bug." This enables users to leverage the full potential of the technology and minimize costly downtime for your team.

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Legacy LiveCycle Support

  • Fast Response
  • Expert Trouble-shooting
  • Experienced Issue Identification
  • Knowledgeable Planning

When LiveCycle ES4 meets the software's End of Life scheduled by Adobe in 2018, Source360 Legacy LiveCycle Support Plan fills the gap between the legacy system you depend on and the next destination on your business-technology roadmap. We have been the go-to Adobe Enterprise partners for LiveCycle implementation and integration since its inception. Our Legacy LiveCycle Support Plan insures the continuation of a stable architecture while substantially reducing your support expense. Call or email for more information.

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Source360 engineers innovative solutions at the intersection of strategy, technology, business process and end-user engagement.

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