Source360 Automated Technical Approval Solution

A contractor-neutral collaboration system enables non-technical business users to automate user-centric review and approval processes for project documents. It provides automation for interactive commenting and annotations using common tools. Plus it delivers comprehensive document control to meet project or regulatory requirements.

One of the world's top engineering, procurement and construction corporations faced a tsunami of Technical Assurance Project complexity and costs when it embarked on a world-scale, multi-company, multi-phase, multi-facility chemicals-and-plastics production-complex project. Project Management Teams from three industry giants would review a storm of information with hundreds of contractors from multiple (sometimes competing) Engineering companies through many cycles and phases.

To automate project team review, the Project Management team selected Source360 Managed Services which leverages automated routing, tracking and managing documents for review. The Source360 Document Review Solution facilitates extensible review and approval workflows outside of core systems and beyond the firewall.

The Source360 solution started simple - a thin-client system built around Adobe PDF, a format widely used to share electrical, mechanical, structural designs and other project information reliably across global teams.

Project Managers gained an easily accessible platform to review and comment on documents from all contractors involved in the project from anywhere in the world. This streamlined collaboration and facilitated more reliable information sharing. More automated review cycles minimized delays from weeks to days, helped ensure more timely feedback and reduced errors and project management costs.

The time and cost-saving benefits of the Source360 enterprise solution were realized so quickly, the two international corporations who owned the project deemed it the sine qua non - the standard tool - for every contractor engaged in this multi-facility chemicals-and-plastics production-complex project.

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